You deserve peace-of-mind when transporting your bike to your tech, dealer, or a show.

We are a father-son team based on the West Side in Maili, Waianae.

Seeing motorcycles in “Hangman Position”, suspended on straps behind a tow truck made no sense.  The tow truck driver must not be a rider as riders would never treat a bike like that.  There is great potential for body, paint, brightwork, accessory, and frame damage.

Or remember the risks with pushing a 500-pound bike up a 12-inch wide ramp onto a friend’s lifted truck?

Baggers, about 1000-pounds or more, pose a greater risk to self, bike, friend, and his truck.

We have the solution — a safe and efficient way to load, haul, and unload bikes!!!

See for yourself the highly-specialized loader built specifically for motorcycles!  It is adaptable for Trike hauling as well.